Friday, May 29, 2009

Promotional Sites Online and Offline

As we all know there are a ton of websites that you can promote on from Google to and beyond. In this post, which will be updated now and then, we will share with you sites that are available, which ones are free and which require monetary investments.

If you have any sites that you would like to add to this list, feel free to email me or Cat at

100 Craft Links - free and easy to set up
AdWords - Google site where you set your monthly budget
Free Craft Fair - you can sign up to be in their directory for free.
Blockhead Radio - A varitey of advertising opportunities
Handmade Marketing - Starts at $15.00 for 2 weeks
Handmade News - starting at $3.00 CPM (cost per thousand impressions): note - these are usually sold in 5000 impression blocks.
Plaincraft - Free and you can get valuable feedback on items
Project Wonderful - Ads available by auction; price varies
Craft Cult - Ads start at $15 and I hear great things about them!
The World's Tallest Shopping Mall - $5 for 30 days
Handmade is Yaami - Free directory and advertising starting at $10 for a week
Craftopolis - Ad spaces starting at $15

You should also consider doing some Plug Boards - they are free - make sure to check that they ask for family friendly sites/ads only otherwise you may not like your ad neighbor too much!

If you have twitter you should think about adding your business to Twibs a free directory for twitter. Also with twitter is a great site called Twitgoo. This site allows you to post a picture along with the link to your etsy shop, it is a free picture ad to thousands!

Quizno's - many locations have a bulletin board that you can post on
Restaurants - I like leaving a business card with our tips
College Publications - You may want to look into some of the local school publications

Also check for free community bulletin boards at your favorite local library, grocery store or school!

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